Ella Travolta is really following in her father's footsteps.

The 21-year-old daughter of John Travolta recently landed her first leading film role. Now, she's followed that up with her first-ever single. It's a new song called "Dizzy."

John Travolta in music video for daughter Ella's new song

Under the name Ella Bleu, Travolta released "Dizzy" this week. She also shared a quick music video with clips of herself singing the song. Watch to the end for a cameo by none other than her father John!

At the end of the video, John, 67, joins his daughter on camera and lip-syncs a few lines. They then exchange a sweet kiss on the cheek.

On her post, Ella gushed: "So happy and excited to say that my first single, 'Dizzy', is out now!!! It's been a long time coming but I'm still that 14 year old weird girl at heart and I love it."

John also shared the video on his page and wrote: "I'm so excited for Ella! Her song, 'Dizzy', is out right now!" You can click here to find Ella Bleu's track on digital music services.

It's looking like Ella has a bright future ahead in the entertainment world, just like her dad — who even had some hit songs himself back in the day.

Recently, the Travoltas also shared a nice video welcoming fans into their home this past Thanksgiving.