Britney Spears is feeling more free than ever! The pop princess frequently posts revealing photos of herself online, and on Thursday, she took to Instagram to share a new series of pictures where she is completely naked.

Spears celebrates "free woman energy" with nude pics

Spears lets her followers catch a glimpse of her great body and intimate tattoos with a couple photos she took in front of a mirror. Dressed in white stockings, she only covers the bare essentials with her arm, as well as a couple heart and flower emojis. 

"Free woman energy has never felt better," Spears captioned her post. She often expresses herself freely on social media now that the nerve-wracking legal process of ending her conservatorship, which lasted for 13 years, has come to a close.

Not only has Spears has shed her clothes, she is able to live her life the way she wants to. The star now has full control over her financial decisions and is engaged to her long-term boyfriend Sam Asghari, who she wants to have a child with. It's great to see that the star seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest, and is finally doing what she feels like doing with her newfound freedom!