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Audrey Landers (67), who played "Afton Cooper" on the hit show 'Dallas', was utterly irresistible if you were a red-blooded male in the eighties. On 'Dallas', she played a sexy singer, capable of seducing any man in sight, that is, until she met "Cliff Barnes". Fans were devastated when she left the show in 1984, after four successful years. But what became of our favorite blonde bombshell?

Audrey Landers: "Afton Cooper" after 'Dallas'

After she left the Texan soap, Landers was cast in one of the most important roles of her entire career, in the musical film 'A Chorus Line' as "Val Clarke", alongside Michael Douglas.

In addition to acting, Landers even started a career in the music industry. Her biggest hit was "Manuel Goodbye" in 1983, which even made it into the top ten. Landers still works as a singer today. 

Audrey Landers: The 'Dallas' star today 

Landers guest starred in the 'Dallas' reboot a number of times between 2012 and 2014. When asked what else she was doing nowadays, she cooly answered, "I'm a business woman. I sell real-estate and renovate houses." 

She has been married to Donald Berkowitz since 1998 and has twins. Her son Daniel followed in his mother's footsteps and became a singer. The mother-son duo have already performed together numerous times.

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