Michael Clarke Duncan (†54) became a household name starring as "John Coffey" in The Green Mile in 1999. Fans were deeply shocked when, in 2012, the talented actor died at just fifty-four. Speculation about how and why he died was rife until his fiancée finally revealed that Michael died from a heart attack. 

Michael suffered a heart attack in July 2012. Even though he received prompt medical treatment the fifty-four-year-old never managed to fully recover. He died just two months later on September 3 2012 in a hospital in Los Angeles leaving behind his fiancée Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, who is a reality TV star and author.

Michael Clarke Duncan's performance in The Green Mile was perfect

His family and thousands of fans were left grieving after his premature death. The 6'4" gentle giant would have, without a doubt, gone on to star in numerous roles. Michael began his acting career in the nineties. He worked as a bouncer and bodyguard before getting into acting. 

His first big success was thanks to fellow actor Bruce Willis. Michael filmed Armageddon with the A-lister in 1998 and Bruce was so impressed by Michael's performance that he told The Green Miles's producers that he thought Michael would make a perfect "John Coffey". 

And, as we all know, Bruce was right! The likable Michael gave a spectacular performance as "John Coffey" and gained hundreds of thousands of fans playing him. He was even nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for his performance in The Green Mile...May he rest in peace!