• Linda Gray starred in Dallas
  • She played the role of "Sue Ellen"
  • Find out what the actress is doing now

Dallas, one of the most memorable soap operas of the twentieth century revolved around money, power, scheming and oil. The "mother of all soap operas", which premiered in 1978, told the story of the life of the "Ewing" family and the career of the now 83-year-old Linda Gray really took off when she appeared on the soap.

In Dallas, Gray played "J.R. Ewing's" long-suffering wife from 1978 to 1989, as well as in the subsequent TV movies Dallas – J.R. Returns and Dallas – War of the Ewings. Naturally, she was also part of the cast when the show was rebooted in 2012.

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Linda Gray: Her life after Dallas

After Dallas went off the air, Linda Gray stayed true to TV and film. She appeared in numerous different productions, including Expecting Mary and Hidden Moon, as well as TV shows such as Models Inc. and The Bold and the Beautiful

Linda Gray now

Dallas star Linda Gray today

Her most recent appearances are in the movie Grand Daddy Day Care in 2017, Hilton Head Island (2017), and also had a small part in the Amazon original series Hand of God in 2019. She also played a role in the 2019 film Intuitions

The 83-year-old also made a name for herself as a producer and director when she wasn't acting and is still one of the bigger names in show business. Linda Gray was married to graphic designer Ed Thrasher (†74) for 21 years until they got divorced in 1983. Linda and Ed have two children: Jeff Thrasher and Kehly Sloane. Linda lives in Los Angeles, California.