Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl broke down their love story in an interview today.

The Dallas and Happy Days stars are in England and chatted with This Morning. They revisited how they got together and shared the fun story of the first time Patrick let an "I love you" slip to Linda.

This is how Patrick Duffy told Linda Purl he loves her

If you've been following their love story, Duffy, 72, and Purl, 66, fell for each other over texts and video calls during the early days of the pandemic in 2020.

So how does falling in love over Zoom work? A little awkwardly, it turns out, but it all worked out for Patrick and Linda.

In their new interview, Duffy explained: "We zoomed every single night for two to three hours... And it was great because we didn't have that thing of, after the third dinner, do we kiss? Or do I take her to her house?"

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Purl added: "But there was a moment a couple of months in where we're signing off, 'OK, see you tomorrow.'

"And as we're about to do the end meeting, Patrick says, 'See you tomorrow, love you!' And it's like, 'What? What was that?'"

Duffy, covering his face, said: "On my end I went, 'Oh my God! What did I say? What did I say?'"

They explained it was a touch awkward on the next call, but Duffy said the "I love yous" followed both ways "pretty soon" after.

He added: "And then I jumped in my car and drove 23 hours and ended up on her doorstep, and we've never been apart."

Duffy and Purl are in England for a new stage show. They co-star in a production of Catch Me If You Can that starts in February.

The couple has been together since late 2020, and fans are cheering them on!