Patrick Duffy is hitting the streets of London!

The Dallas legend, 72, has travelled to the UK to perform in a stage thriller. It kicks off in February, and he's been out and about ahead of the premiere.

Patrick Duffy hits the streets of London: New photo

Duffy's girlfriend Linda Purl co-stars in the play, and she's been posting photos of their adventure in England. Here's the newest one of Patrick:

Patrick Duffy Hits The Streets Of London

"Going native! A regular Londoner," Purl captioned the photo of her partner.

Duffy, masked up, has a trolley dolly in hand. The suave actor also sports a bulky coat, as it looks a bit cool in London.

Patrick and Linda appeared to be enjoying a weekend day off on the town.

Starting next month, they'll be touring the UK in the stage production Catch Me If You Can.

We'll be following the adventures of this couple, who have been dating since late 2020.