Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl look so happy together!

The couple will be appearing in the stage play Catch Me If You Can, and it's taken them across the pond — to London, England.

Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl are touring the UK

Purl, 66, shared a great picture of the pair enjoying a day out. "Sunny in London!" she captioned the post on Instagram.

January in England also looks a bit chilly. Purl wore her hood and Duffy, 72, bundled up in a scarf. Here's the photo:

It appears Patrick and Linda just flew in to England ahead of their tour. Starting in February, the couple will co-star in a production of Catch Me If You Can.

It's a stage play that's not to be confused with the Leonardo DiCaprio film or a Broadway musical of the same name. The thriller is about a missing newlywed woman.

Gray O'Brien from Coronation Street also features in the new play. It debuts on Feb. 8 in Windsor.

Duffy, the Dallas star, and Purl, the Happy Days star, have been dating since late 2020, and they'll now be taking the stage together in the UK.

How nice!