• Dana Carvey has some regrets
  • He's apologizing to Sharon Stone for some bad jokes
  • THIS is what Dana had to say

The iconic actress shares her take on comedy's changing landscape, sparking a debate on humor's boundaries in today's society. It's a blast from the past that's shaking up the present! Dana Carvey, the master of impersonation, has just dropped a bombshell apology to none other than silver screen siren Sharon Stone. 

Sharon Stone: From Screen Queen to Sketch Sport!

Picture it: 1992, neon colors, and a sketch that today would have the PC police out in full force! At the zenith of her 'Basic Instinct' stardom, Stone graced the SNL stage, only to be met with protestors—not for her acting chops, but for her AIDS activism.

Fast forward to the sketches, and Carvey is tipping his hat to Stone for her "good sport" spirit in a skit that, by today's standards, would be a no-go zone!

Imagine this: Stone, at an airport, forced to peel off her attire piece by piece, all under the watchful eye of Carvey's Indian security guard character.

Yikes! Carvey's recent heart-to-heart with co-host David Spade brought the sketch back into the spotlight, with Spade branding it "so offensive."

Also interesting:

But here's the kicker: Stone isn't losing sleep over being the butt of the joke. Back in the day, it was all in good fun—a misdemeanor of mirth, if you will.

Yet, she's not blind to the times, noting our "weird and precious" era where humor is tiptoeing on eggshells, and intimacy is in short supply.