• Sharon Stone recently revealed an unsavoury request
  • It happened during shooting 'Silver'
  • Co-star Billy Baldwin has spoken out

It's the Tinseltown tell-all that's got everyone talking! More than three decades after the cinematic misfire 'Sliver', Sharon Stone is throwing shade and spilling secrets about her clash with co-star Billy Baldwin – and it's a blockbuster bombshell!

Sex Scene Showdown: Stone vs. Baldwin!

Picture this: the Paramount Pictures bigwig, the late Robert Evans, sporting shades and spouting tales of his own conquests, pressures Stone into a real-life romp with Baldwin to spice up his on-screen sizzle.

Stone's fiery retort? No way, Jose! She dished the dirt on 'The Louis Theroux Podcast', leaving us all gasping!

"I'm not in the 'I have to f*** people' business," Stone declared, standing her ground like the Hollywood heroine she is. With Michael Douglas, it was all about the craft, no bedsheet ballet required. But with Baldwin? The drama was off the charts!

Not one to stay silent, Baldwin hit back with a tweetstorm, teasing tantalizing tales of Stone's supposed sultry shenanigans. "Does she still have a crush on me?"

Baldwin mused, hinting at a treasure trove of tantalizing tidbits he's kept under wraps. The threat of a tell-all book looms – will he spill the beans?

Also interesting:

The silver screen sizzled, but was it authentic ardor or just good acting? Baldwin begged to bypass the bussing, pleading with Evans to let him lead the lascivious last scene. But Stone stood strong, a testament to her tenacity and talent.

Who's telling the truth? Who's keeping secrets? One thing's for sure – the drama behind 'Sliver' is more gripping than the movie itself!