• Nigel Lythgoe is best known from 'So You Think You Can Dance'
  • He is facing a fourth abuse accusations
  • His future looks bleak

This latest allegation adds to a growing list of accusations against the famed producer, raising serious questions about his conduct and the safety of women in the celebrity world.

Nigel is in big trouble now

In a bombshell that's rocking Tinseltown, Nigel Lythgoe, the TV mogul known for his role in the hit show "So You Think You Can Dance," faces his fourth sexual assault allegation in just three months!

The latest lawsuit, filed by a Jane Doe, paints a harrowing picture of an encounter that allegedly left her traumatized and questioning her confidence.

Imagine a professional meeting turning into a nightmare! That's what Jane Doe claims happened at Lythgoe's LA pad. She alleges that what started as a business discussion quickly devolved into a chilling assault, with Lythgoe allegedly pinning her against a wall, making unwanted advances, and leaving her shaken and in tears.

The accusations are stacking up, and the legal eagles at Johnson & Johnson are on the case, representing not just this Jane Doe, but also Paula Abdul and other accusers.

With a history of cordial interactions, the sudden turn of events has left everyone stunned. The question on everyone's lips: How will Lythgoe respond to this latest claim?

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As the allegations pile up, Lythgoe's once-stellar reputation is under siege. He's already stepped back from 'So You Think You Can Dance,' leaving fans and dancers alike in shock. With the industry's eyes fixed on the unfolding drama, will justice pirouette into the spotlight?