• Hollywood has been exposed again
  • Sharon Stone has shared a stunning allegation
  • She was asked to do THIS by a producer

In a tell-all that's sending shockwaves through Tinseltown, silver screen siren Sharon Stone has dropped a bombshell that's got everyone's jaws on the floor! On the latest episode of Spotify's 'Louis Theroux Podcast', Stone laid bare the sordid details of the pressure cooker that is Hollywood.

Behind Closed Doors: The Evans Ultimatum

Picture this: Stone, in the prime of her career, summoned not to the set but to the shadowy office of the late mogul Robert Evans. The scene she describes is straight out of a film noir – Evans, shades on, pacing like a caged lion, hits her with a proposition that reeks of old Hollywood's darkest vices.

He says, "Sleep with Billy, and watch the magic happen on screen!"

While Baldwin's camp is as quiet as a church mouse on the matter, Stone's revelations are loud and clear. She paints a picture of an industry where talent takes a backseat to tawdry tactics, and where a leading lady's 'no' is but a whisper in a storm of demands.

Stone's stance? She's no pushover. She recalls the days when she didn't have to cozy up to Michael Douglas to make "Basic Instinct" sizzle. She's an actress, not a pawn in the "I have to f--- people" business, and she's standing her ground.

Stone's memoir, 'The Beauty of Living Twice,' isn't just a title – it's her battle cry. She's had actor approval in her contract, but when push came to shove, the powers that be turned a blind eye. They wanted heat, but Stone wasn't about to strike the match.

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As the dust settles on Stone's bombshell, one thing's for certain – Hollywood's got some soul-searching to do. Stone's parting shot? Hire talent, not bedroom acrobats. And with that, she's not just a voice in the wilderness – she's a roar.