• Sharon Stone penned a new editorial on Basic Instinct
  • Stone shared that she chose "Catherine's" white dress
  • She also explained her special contract request 

Sharon Stone is reflecting on Basic Instinct years later, including how she contributed to one of the film's most memorable fashion moments! Stone recently wrote an essay for InStyle that saw her look back at filming the 1992 thriller, sharing new details of her experience.

Stone shares why she asked to keep her costumes

Stone said that she instantly "knew I was the right person for the role" of the villainous "Catherine Trammell," and was thrilled to have input on her wardrobe once she was cast. She shared that Basic Instinct's costume designer, Ellen Mirojnick, gave her the opportunity to pick out a piece herself while shopping on Rodeo Drive. It was this decision that led to Stone choosing "Catherine's " iconic white dress!


The star explained that her character's "Hitchcockian vibe" influenced the colour, and mentioned that Mirojnick made some important costuming choices. Worn during "Catherine's" infamous interrogation scene, which she claims to have been tricked into removing her underwear for, Stone said the dress allowed her to "move my arms and legs, take up space, and exercise control over a room full of men." As it turns out, she still has the costume, thanks to a contractual negotiation she made! 

Also interesting:

"I put in my contract that I could keep the clothes," she revealed, sharing that the white dress has been "hermetically sealed like a piece of art or a very cool time capsule" since she wore it on-screen. Since Stone was paid millions of dollars less than co-star Michael Douglas, her "crazy" request turned out to be a clever one, as her custom dress is considered a priceless costume piece today!