• Daniel Radcliffe's new project is called Weird: The Al Yankovic Story
  • He is afraid of the reaction of his in-laws
  • This is the reason behind his fear

The opinion of his in-laws is obviously particularly important to Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe's girlfriend Eric Darke is a big fan of the musical comedian, but the actor admitted he was mostly worried about what her family would think of the film

Daniel Radcliffe's in-laws are big fans

"After Eric and Al, the people I’m most concerned about their reaction is probably my in-laws. Erin’s dad and brother, because they’re massive fans as well. Erin’s seen the movie but I’ll be interested in what [her father] Ian thinks. I really hope he likes it." he revealed to Entertainment Tonight.

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Additionally, Daniel Radcliffe talked about his own parents in the interview. He praised his "incredible" mother and father for how they handled his career and life in the spotlight.

"My parents were incredible. They were really supportive. They walked the balance of not being pushy but always supportive. In a way that’s not often credited to the parents of child actors. So, I’m lucky." said the actor in the interview.

Daniel Radcliffe landed the lead role in the "Harry Potter" film series at the young age of eleven.