• The Beckhams are among the most stylish couples
  • They tied the knot in a daring shade of purple!
  • Their wedding looks were rather crazy

David Beckham, at 48, and Victoria Beckham, at 49, have embodied the epitome of a dream couple since the nineties, a rarity among celebrities.

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The Beckhams: Living their purple dream at their wedding

Victoria and David Beckham demonstrated their penchant for breaking tradition on their wedding day. Instead of adhering to the classic white wedding theme, the couple embraced a deep affection for the color purple. Their nuptials, which took place in 1999 at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland, were an intimate affair.

Victoria exuded elegance in a purple mermaid gown, adorned with a red-and-purple floral embellished strap. The dress's thigh-high slit added a touch of allure to her look. Her short hair exuded a Spice Girl vibe, and her makeup maintained a naturally beautiful aesthetic. Minimal jewelry was on display, with only purple earrings gracing her ears and a slender bracelet dangling from her wrist.

While Victoria considers her wedding ensemble unique and daring, as revealed in the Netflix documentary 'Beckham,' her husband offered a more pragmatic perspective: “I'm trying to think back to when I decided to wear a purple suit, and I don't know when that happened...I'm trying to think back to when I decided to wear a purple suit, and I don't know when that happened.”

In a coordinated fashion statement, David Beckham beamed happily alongside his bride, sporting a purple suit with a purple flower attached to his lapel. His blond hair was expertly styled to the side, lending him the appearance of a boy band member.

They used a saber to ceremoniously cut their cake, which was beautifully adorned with apples. 

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Opinions may vary regarding the Beckhams' unconventional attire, but one cannot deny their wedding ensembles were truly one-of-a-kind.