What Is David Cross Doing In 2021?

What Is David Cross Doing In 2020?
April 4, 2021 - 19:00 / Anna Valenzuela Rosas

Actor, director, writer, and stand-up comedian David Cross is forever a comedy legend. What has he been up to since his time on Arrested Development?

David Cross, born April 4th, 1964, has been practicing stand-up since he was 17 years old! Comedy was his main focus for years, still working on small roles in programs like Just Shoot Me! and News Radio until he hit gold, landing the role of closeted aspiring bad actor "Tobias Fünke" in Arrested Development.

Archer's David Cross' Rise To Comedy Fame

The Cast of Arrested Development take part in SiriusXM's Town Hall at SiriusXM Studio on May 21, 2018 in New York City.

Initially, he was supposed to only have a small role in Arrested Development but it soon became clear he was a perfect main cast member for the addictive comedy series. David Cross has over 100 television and film roles credited to him, and still continues to successfully perform stand-up comedy!

David Cross as "Tobias Fünke"

Arrested Development's David Cross Today

His most recent focus was his 6th stand-up special, Oh, Come On, available now on Amazon. You can actually catch him as "Jerry Wexler" in the 2021 television series Genius. David and his wife, General Hospital star Amber Tamblyn married in 2012 and eventually had their daughter Marlow Alice in 2017. 

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David continues to tour and perform his stand-up and features on many of his famous friends' shows, like Big Mouth. He is also very active on Twitter, bringing laughs and political content to fans:

Check out the trailer for his stand-up special, Oh, Come On here!