Euphoria has Drake labelled as one of the executive producers of the HBO series... what does that even mean? Well, he certainly didn't create the show, seeing that was done by filmmaker and screenwriter Sam Levinson. Euphoria's Drake may have a larger hand in the show than we actually see... check out more here! 

Euphoria and Drake: Executive producer and maybe more?

Euphoria with Drake as an executive producer may seem as though he's deeply involved in the show, but some cast members have stated that they actually have only seen him once or twice on set. His credits pop up at the end of each episode, so what does he actually do in this position?

Hunter Schafer and Zendaya


This famous rapper is an executive producer of the series...

As stated earlier, Sam Levinson is the creative genius behind Euphoria. However, "Rue" aka Zendaya has previously mentioned how "lucky" she feels to have him backing their work and his apparent involvement in getting Zendaya cast in the main role:

"I don't know if he was involved in the casting, but I will say we're lucky to have someone who believes in the show," she shared with a smile in an ET interview.

There's also circulation that Drake was perhaps involved in Euphoria's soundtrack, although not completely confirmed. Although, we wouldn't be surprised at all considering he's won four Grammy Awards and over 100 other music awards! 

Drake did throw the cast a wrap party after filming and it was reported that he gave out loads of cash to the stars of the series. In an interview with TMZ, actor Algee Smith stated that he won't say how much cash was handed out, but it was enough to "buy a couple cars."

Somehow, starring in a Drake-produced series doesn't sound so bad after all. 

The actor-rapper-basketball fan was even nominated for a British Academy Television Award for Best International Programme, along with Sam Levinson and two other executive producers!

Euphoria, Drake, Zendaya, and co. are in the process of developing a second season! For now, you can check out the series on HBO or Netflix!