Euphoria's makeup is just as impressive as its soundtrack and cast. The department head makeup artist reveals why Euphoria's makeup is like none other...

The Incredible Makeup Looks From Euphoria

Doniella Davy is behind all of the creative looks on Euphoria, along with her assistant head makeup artist Kirsten Sage Coleman. She told Allure that the makeup in the show is essentially supposed to align with the character's story and moods. 

"There's subliminal emotional messages always in all the makeup," Davy stated. 

One of the most famous looks from the series includes "Rue's" glittery tears. 

"Rue" (played by Zendaya) sported an iridescent tear-look in the first episode of the first season, as well as the last episode. Doniella told Allure that it was actually director Sam Levinson's idea to use glitter as "Rue's" signature eye makeup look, primarily to express her emotive state.

HBO Euphoria poster

One big concern for Doniella was not to make "Rue's" makeup glorify her drug abuse and overdose in the final episode. Instead, "Rue's" makeup became de-constructed throughout the finale as her anxiety grew. 

Hunter Schafer, who plays "Jules", the BFF of "Rue" also had a lot of experimental colors on her face. Davy commented on "Jules" makeup:

"Even though the character of Jules is transfeminine, I wanted to make sure that her makeup looks had a not-too-polished rawness to them that was more experimental and had an artistry to it that wasn't labeling itself as something."

As a trans-actor and model, Hunter worked with Doniella that gave "Jules" the freedom to express her character out of the typical gender norms and stereotypes. Doniella further stated, "She has the confidence to be bold and brave and to just do whatever she feels like doing — whatever her mood is or whatever her outfit is, her makeup looks are never supposed to feel too planned out."

'Euphoria' makeup

Next on the list is Alexa Demie, who portrays "Maddy". Maddy typically wears cat-eyeliner with rhinestoned eyes. 

Though "Maddy's" life seems perfect as she dates the hot jock of the series, "Nate" (Jacob Elordi), her makeup reflects the confidence that she actually wishes to have. Her abusive boyfriend and will to be perfect for him, shows a much more insecure side of "Maddy". 

Alexa Demie as "Maddy"

Doniella stated on her Instagram: "Underneath her elaborate armor, Maddy feels the pain of crushed childhood dreams and a psychotic and abusive boyfriend. I designed her makeup to have a fantastical element to it because despite her fierce outward personality, Maddy is a diehard Romantic who wants to transcend the “loveless marriage” that is her home life."

While many may think makeup is just something for characters to "put on", there's actually a deeper meaning behind many makeup looks in various shows and movies! Doniella Davy proves precisely this... we can't wait to see what she and her team develop for Euphoria's makeup in season 2!

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