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The actress Missi Pyle has made great waves in Hollywood, breaking through via her outrageous roles and then leaving you wanting more with her impressive versatility. Meet Dodgeball's, Missi Pyle!

Missi Pyle - Galaxy Quest Star

Missi was born on November 16th, 1972 in Houston Texas to a large family. She studied arts and performance and began to excel at a very young age. 

Missi began her Hollywood career by guest-starring on hit shows like Heroes, Mad About You, Frasier, and 2 Broke Girls. She then landed a minor role in the Jack Nicholson film As Good As It Gets that led her to her first major film role in Galaxy Quest

The Cast of 'Galaxy Quest'.

She played the meek but terrifying and sexual alien "Laliari" in the Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver comedy. Missi told The AV Club that, "Tim Allen and Sam Rockwell and Daryl Mitchell. I mean the three of them were just constantly cracking fart jokes!"

Missi was even nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Fight with Queen Latifah for Bringing Down the House! Shen then went on to score the epic role of "Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky," the unibrow'd ruthless Romanovian dodgeball champion.

'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story' Production Still

Missi Pyle Today

Missi is even a part of the Country music group Smith & Pyle! Missi grew in popularity and has starred in a whopping 120 films and TV shows! From The Artist to Pandemic and Two and a Half Men to Drunk History, Missi rules both the small screen and the big screen!

Most recently Missi landed a starring role in the Dirty John sequel The Betty Broderick Story. YOu can also catch Missi in the TV series A Tale Dark & Grimm, Y: The Last Man, and in many 2023 movies and series like 'Harlan Coben's Shelter' and 'Unseen'! You won't want to miss any of Missi!

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