• Jane Seymour has been an actress for decades
  • She is now over 70 years old
  • But Seymour isn't thinking about retirement

Jane Seymour, 71, has been in the limelight as an actress since the 1970s. The 71-year-old is busy with many acting and production projects, along with her work as an artist, sculptor, and jewelry designer.

And there's no end in sight for Seymour. She is currently overwhelmed with more job offers than ever and is still excited about her career. Retiring is not an option for the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star.

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Jane Seymour: The Actress Still Looks Gorgeous Today

Jane Seymour doesn't want to retire

It has been nearly 25 years since Dr. Quinn, but Jane Seymour now tells Radio Times magazine: "For some reason I've yet to understand, I'm working more now than I ever have in my life. I've no inclination to retire. Why would I do less of something I love?

"In 1988, I worked with John Gielgud on 'War and Remembrance' when he was 84 and I asked him the same thing. He replied, 'As long as my name is on a call sheet, I know I'll be alive in the morning.'"

Impressive! The Dr. Quinn actress, who still looks great today, also insists that she is not afraid of aging and has never undergone cosmetic procedures, for example.

Jane Seymour loves the fact that she can play roles younger or older than her actual age. "When they put a wig on me, I can easily play younger. And with a different wig and bad lighting, I can be older," she explained. "I'm perfectly happy to play a little old lady."

So it sounds like Jane Seymour fans still have lots to look forward to.