• Jane Seymour and Joe Lando starred in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
  • Now they are making a film together
  • The title is A Christmas Spark

Together again at last! Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman stars Jane Seymour (71) and Joe Lando (60), who didn't like each other at first, will star together again in front of the camera.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Stars Jane Seymour and Joe Lando to Star in A Christmas Spark

The film will be called A Christmas Spark and will be about widow "Molly" (Seymore) and aspiring bachelor "Hank" (Lando). "Molly" has given up hope of love, but when she agrees to direct the small town's Christmas spectacle while visiting her daughter, she meets "Hank".

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He plays the leading role in the play in the film, slowly but surely she begins to fall in love with him and when the female lead falls out at short notice, "Molly" has to perform herself.

The two actors were together on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, where she is known as "Dr. Quinn" and "Sully" played a loving couple, so fans should be happy about the new film of the two.