• Drake is a rap superstar
  • He recently celebrated his 37th birthday 
  • THIS is what he is doing for fans

It's hard to describe how big Drake is right now. In fact, he has breaking record sales and crossing other finish lines throughout his career. And he currently has the number one song on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, tying with Michael Jackson for the male solo artist with the most singles that have topped the list. That's wild!

"First Person Shooter" is the Canadian rapper and singer's 13th single that has taken the top spot on the list. The song is from Drake’s new album, 'For All The Dogs', which has topped the Billboard 200 albums chart since its debut on Oct. 6. But despite his success he still knows how to give back!

Who doesn't like fried chicken?

In celebration of his birthday on Oct. 24, the music artist Drake is hooking up people in multiple states, including California, with some free food at Dave’s Hot Chicken. The chain is a Nashville-style hot chicken restaurant that started out six years ago in an East Hollywood parking lot, according to their website. Since then, it has reportedly become the "fastest-growing restaurant chain in America."

Drake announced the celebration to his 143 million Instagram followers on Oct. 19. and said that participants could get a chicken slider or tender at Dave’s Hot Chicken on him from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on his 37th birthday. Dave’s Hot Chicken followed up on Drake’s social media post by saying in a press release, "The hook-up is for anyone who comes by their local Dave’s and scans their Dave’s Hot Chicken app."

The chicken restaurant reported that it’s the second year that the superstar, who became an investor in the brand once he tried the food and met the founders, is giving everyone a chance to experience the "mind-blowing taste of a Dave’s Hot Chicken slider, on him."

No coupon or code is needed, according to the company. This celebration is only available when visiting the restaurant, and not online or through third-party delivery services. The restaurant ended its announcement by wishing Drake, whose Instagram handle is @champagnepapi a happy birthday.

It's quite clear that Drake can move the masses, and other big chains are already looking at how they can leverage other celebrities to get people in the door.

Also interesting:

Drake is also a savvy businessman, and telling fans to get some chicken helps his bottom line too, as he is an investor. "I tried the food, and it was amazing," Drake said in the announcement telling the world of his investment in the company.

"After meeting the founders and hearing their story I jumped at the opportunity to invest." As for the food, Dave's Hot Chicken is emerging at a time when chicken is probably the hottest menu item in America. 

Beyond confirming Drake's investment, Dave's Hot Chicken didn't provide exact details; however, 'Bloomberg' reports that the Canadian rapper is one of the chain's largest investors alongside at least two other big names: existing investors Tom Werner, chairman of the Boston Red Sox Chairman, and "Nick Fury" himself, Samuel L. Jackson.

Fans have one more day to get their hands on some free chicken courtesy of Drake!