In recent years, one of hip hop's biggest beefs involved two of the most celebrated names in the industry: Drake and Kanye West. The two at first were collaborators with Kanye directing one of Drake's videos and giving him some advice on the music industry as he was coming up in the entertainment scene. But for many fans the beef started when Kanye took Drake off one of his songs.

The Grammy-winning single "All Of The Lights" was supposed to feature the Canadian rapper, but Drake was dropped from the collaboration in the end.

"Kanye's creative process is ever-changing - we make music differently. I make what comes to me and I hate changing it, whereas 'Ye will change something 30 or 40 times to get it perfect. To each their own, and the change was to put all those people on it, and I wasn't one of them. That's completely OK", said Drake in a radio interview.


Kanye West Ends Beef With Drake

This week it looks like they have officially buried the hatchet because they have been hanging out together in Drake's hometown, Toronto. The two were spotted attending Dave Chappelle's comedy show together and even posted each other on social media.

So it's pretty clear that they are back on good terms, and fans couldn't be more excited. This surely means that there will be some collaborations between the two in the future, which is bound to be big news around the world!

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