Despite a buzzing music career that has spanned since the early 2000s, Kanye West has been tabloid fodder time and again for some of the wilder things he does and says off stage. His marriage to Kim Kardashian became global news, and even when the couple first appeared together publicly in 2014, the media was quick to speculate and write about the nature of their relationship.

Given Kanye's constant controversial public meltdowns, many felt the marriage wouldn't last long, and the couple officially filed for divorce in February of this year. Though the proceedings aren't final, it looks like Kanye has found a new leading lady!

Kanye West Has A New Girlfriend?

Kanye West Has A New Girlfriend?

The 44-year-old rapper and entrepreneur is reportedly dating 22-year-old fashion model Vinetria, according to sources with Page Six. These sources claim that the pair have been “hooking up” for “a while now,” which comes as a surprise to his most loyal fans who hadn't caught wind of the news.

The rumors first started when two attended Kanye's Donda Academy's debut basketball game in Minneapolis. Although Kanye still maintains that Kim Kardashian is officially his wife, it looks like he is finally ready to move on romantically.

Critics have been quick to point out the age difference between Kanye and Vinetria, but it doesn't seem to bother them. So, let's wait and see if this new relationship lasts!

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