• Drake is calling for peace with Kendrick Lamar
  • The feud has escalated too much
  • THIS is the latest from Toronto

After a whirlwind week filled with controversy and chaos, Drake finds himself longing for tranquility after his Toronto mansion becomes the center of alarming events. It's one thing when it's just nasty lyrics going back and forth, and another when it literally hits too close to home...

It's all too serious now

Following a heated exchange of diss tracks with Kendrick Lamar, the Canadian superstar's home was thrust into the limelight for all the wrong reasons, involving alleged trespassing and a shooting incident. Dive into the drama and discover how Drake is seeking solace amidst the storm.

Drake's Bridle Path palace, a setting once known for its appearance in the hit "Toosie Slide" video, has recently been under a less desirable spotlight.

After engaging in a lyrical battle with Kendrick Lamar, it seems the "6 God" can't catch a break. The rapper's plea for peace came through a candid Instagram Story, directly addressing Toronto’s CP24 news outlet with a request to discuss helicopter flight times over his residence.

"I'm trying to sleep," Drake humorously noted, suggesting "anytime after 3 pm works great for me."

The call for calm follows a series of unsettling incidents at Drake's opulent abode. Toronto's CityNews reported an attempted break-in on May 8, closely followed by a more harrowing event the next day—a shooting that left one of Drake's security guards critically injured.

The assailants remain unidentified, adding an aura of mystery and concern around the rapper's mansion.

Adding insult to injury, Kendrick Lamar threw shade by featuring an image of Drake's mansion on the cover art of his diss track "Not Like Us," further fueling the fire between the two artists. However, Drake seemed to seek an end to the hostility, sharing a contemplative scene from the Netflix drama 'A Man in Full' on his social media, hinting at a desire to move past the feud.

A man who tried to access Drake’s Bridle Path mansion earlier this week returned to the property Saturday and was apprehended again for allegedly trespassing, Toronto police say.

This is the third reported incident at Drake’s North York home since Tuesday morning’s shooting outside of the front gates that left a security guard seriously injured.

Police said the suspects in the shooting fled in a vehicle, yet no descriptions have been released. Investigators have indicated that they had obtained security footage that shows the shooting, but they have not released it yet. Police have said it was too early in the investigation to determine if the feud is linked to the shooting.

But we know what happens in hip-hop

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Despite the turmoil, Drake's call for peace amidst the chaos underscores his longing for a return to normalcy. As the rapper navigates the aftermath of these incidents, fans and onlookers alike are left wondering what the future holds for one of music's biggest names.

Will Drake's plea for quietude be heard, or is this just the beginning of more drama to come?