• Drew Barrymore is under fire for touching Oprah
  • In a new preview clip from her show, fans saw something they didn't like
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The world of daytime TV just got a whole lot cozier, folks! Drew Barrymore, 48, the 'Mad Love' alum and queen of heartfelt moments, is stirring up the pot with her latest display of affection. In a scene that's got the internet typing furiously, the beloved actress-turned-talk show host was spotted in a clingy clinch with none other than Oprah Winfrey!

You don't just touch the Oprah

During a heart-to-heart on 'The Drew Barrymore Show,' Barrymore got up close and personal, gripping Oprah's hand like a lifeline. The legendary talk show host, who graced the stage to commend Barrymore's pandemic-era show-launching bravery, found herself in a hand-holding marathon that had viewers raising eyebrows and dropping comments faster than you can say "awkward!"

Barrymore, known for her touchy-feely interview style, seemed to take it to the next level, clutching Oprah's hand to her chin as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "Something that I learned about you," Barrymore gushed, while Oprah, ever the pro, nodded along, discussing the importance of audience connection.

But social media wasn't having it! "Oprah's body language was so clear she wanted her hand back," one eagle-eyed fan declared. Another added, "Drew, everyone doesn't want their hands held boo." The comments section was ablaze with opinions, with one viewer even calling the interaction "past my boundary."

And it didn't stop there. Barrymore, in a moment of ecstatic agreement, released Oprah's hand only to start caressing her arm. Cue more social media uproar!

As the two continued discussing the importance of interacting with a studio audience, Winfrey began talking with her hands while praising Barrymore for hosting her talk show without an audience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"That’s why this is so hard to do without an audience, and I was complimenting you on the fact that you got through it without an audience because it’s almost—because you’re not getting their energy," Winfrey said.

"It is necessary — my crew used to be like, ‘Oh my God, how much time you should go spend talking to that audience?'" Winfrey replied while slightly distancing herself.

Barrymore, 48, then let go of her guest amid her enthusiasm over Winfrey’s answer.

Oprah didn't look bothered

While the media mogul didn’t appear to be too troubled by the talk show host’s handsy approach during the interview, The 'Drew Barrymore Show’s' Instagram account is getting flooded with criticism.

"Drew, everyone doesn’t want their hands held boo," one of many upvoted commenters wrote on the above clip from the interview. Another viewer wrote, "Oprah's body language was so clear she wanted her hand back,” while another chimed in, "The hand hold and the arm being caressed is past my boundary."

Also interesting:

This isn't the first time Barrymore's enthusiasm has caught attention. From kneeling before trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney to being jokingly strapped down before interviewing Michelle Obama, Barrymore's unique approach to guest interactions is nothing if not memorable.

"I know that I get too close to people and I'm too much," she confessed to her audience, but with guests like these, who can blame her?

'The Post' reached out for comments from the reps of both stars, but in the meantime, the internet has plenty to say about the "weirdest talk show ever."

So, what's the verdict? Is Drew Barrymore the queen of quirky charm or just a tad too touchy-feely? Tune in, tweet out, and join the debate!