Drew Barrymore has opened up about her upcoming daytime talk show! In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Barrymore talked about what kinds of things people can expect on The Drew Barrymore Show, as well as the process of how it came together!

Barrymore wants to show people's "heart and humour"

Barrymore made it clear that she doesn't want to ask "mundane questions" while interviewing her guests. Instead, she wants them to show a new side of themselves! "People are looking to have a different conversation," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I think they are looking to if they are putting themselves out there, I assume, to reveal things about them that are not commonly known."

The actress went on to say that she doesn't get why some people in the public sphere don't like to share themselves with the world. "I think it is really weird when people choose to do a profession but you can't know anything about me," Barrymore explained. "It's like, well, you took the wrong job, it is fair game. Most people want to present their heart and humour, the same thing on this show."

 Drew Barrymore at the 8th Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony on November 03, 2019, in Mountain View, California. 

Barrymore on uncertainty of show: "there was a lot of tears"

Barrymore also mentioned how the future of her show was uncertain for a time due to the coronavirus pandemic! "Well, for a few months, I am not going to lie, there was a lot of tears. There was a lot of, you know, doubt that it would ever really happen, honestly," the actress revealed. "I don't know how to say it other than I think that I have learned that it is OK to really work hard towards an actual goal that may not be there."

Now that The Drew Barrymore Show is set to premiere on CBS next month, Barrymore reflected on the experience of getting her daytime talk show off the ground. "I don't believe it is ever a waste of time, it will come in handy, it will pay off at some point," she said, "and I am glad that we just persevered even if it was incredibly uncertain that this show was going to be able to grow on-air."

Barrymore mentions that her show is a team effort

Barrymore revealed why she doesn't want to take full credit for her talk show, despite the fact it has her name in the title. "I really want to peel the layers back and I think I want to show what a show is, who makes it, how does it work, how do you come together, how does it function?" she said. "I think I will never call this my show. I have an absolute allergy to that."

"This is our show and I am not the only one involved and there is no I in team," Barrymore shared. "It is ours and we, and the big thing we are always doing is thinking about things that we are interested in and that are fun and that we are passionate about. ... That's the kind of approach that we have been taking for a year and it has evolved in such an incredible way through this most unprecedented year."

Drew Barrymore attends the in goop Health Summit

Barrymore talks about struggle to balance life and career

Barrymore went on to talk about balancing motherhood with her new career as a talk show host. "I am pretty glad they are pretty astute themselves. They see it all," she said. "By the way, people say kids see everything -- it is true, they really do. They get that I am baggy sweatpants mom and they get that this is what I do and the only thing I care about in this world is they know they come first."

"And when people say you can have it all, I believe that. I have gotten in trouble for saying you can have it all, but not at the same time," Barrymore commented. "It is very hard to figure out how to balance everything and I know that every human being is going through that in this year in ways that have never been challenged before in any generation."

Barrymore says her daughters give her purpose

Barrymore revealed that putting her family first is what helps her find balance. "I just know that at the end of the day, [my daughters are] the only thing that matters and anything else is very secondary and it is fair and full of fire and passion and focus," she explained, "but it’s those kids I understood when they were born that that was the purpose of my life. So, as soon as they know that, everything else will fall into place."

Being a mom is certainly an important role to Barrymore, who shares 7-year-old Olive and 6-year-old Frankie with her ex-husband, Will Kopelman. Last month, Barrymore opened up to InStyle about navigating motherhood during the pandemic and took photos of herself for the magazine's cover! The Drew Barrymore Show premieres on September 14 on CBS, and we're excited to see the actress take on her exciting new role as a daytime television host!