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Well-known model and actor Drew Van Acker was born April 2nd, 1986 in New York but grew up in New Jersey all his life. He had always enjoyed acting in theater while he put himself through school with sports scholarships. Once he moved to Los Angeles, he truly committed to acting and his career took off.

From New York to Los Angeles, Drew Van Acker Has Always Acted

He landed a few small roles in film and TV like Tower Prep until he joined the cast of smash-hit Pretty Little Liars in season 2 as "Jason DiLaurentis". Around the same time, he starred in the comedy-drama produced by Eva Longoria, Devious MaidsLiars and Maids really secured Van Ackers's spot on the map and since then his career has only been going up!

Pretty Little Liars Drew Van Acker Today

Now he is a Titan "Aqualad" in the DC Universe and is both producing and starring in the comedy film Spy Intervention alongside Poppy Delevingne and Workaholics' Blake Anderson. Drew says of the role "Who doesn’t want to be the world’s greatest spy?"

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You can also catch Drew in the 2021 film Last Survivors. We can't wait to see what this Hollywood Hunk does next!