• Jazz Chisholm is a young MLB star
  • The Miami Marlin hit a big home run
  • He trash-talked on Twitter afterward

Jazz Chisholm had a few words for fans on Twitter after he hit a huge home run.

The Miami Marlins star went viral for homering on an 0-2 pitch after a tense moment with the home plate ump. Some baseball fans didn't love the whole incident, but Jazz isn't taking the criticism lying down.

Marlins' Jazz Chisholm to Twitter hater: "Drill ya mama"

After the home run, Jazz Chisholm also did a flashy celebration as he crossed home plate. On a Twitter video of the celebration, one angry fan replied: "Drill him."

And Jazz actually responded to the hater. He hit back: "Drill ya mama." He also liked and retweeted many messages about the home run.

But it looks like he has since deleted the headline roast, so he might've caught some flak for that one. (Screenshots here.)

To end his night, the Bahamian baseball star tweeted: "Alright time for bed goodnight to everyone that participated."

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Controversy? Jazz Chisholm home run and celebration

Here's a quick recap of the whole incident: Jazz went down 0-2 on borderline pitches and took his time returning to the batter's box. The home plate umpire told him to hurry up, and there was a brief stand-off.

After some jawing, time got called, and on the very next pitch the 24-year-old mashed a home run to right. He did a little dance at home plate and may have had a few words for the umpire, too. 

Jazz Chisholm Jr. is one of the MLB's most electric young stars, and he's quickly becoming known for his engaging personality — and Twitter antics.