Last October, Hollywood and the world were stunned by a tragic accident on the set of the upcoming film 'Rust' starring Alec Baldwin. Baldwin fired what was supposed to be a prop gun for a scene, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and injuring director Joel Souza. As a result, calls for safety reform from all over the film industry have been heard. And many big names are stepping up to voice that change.

One of those voices is none other than Dwayne Johnson, who said he was "heartbroken" to learn of the death of Hutchins, and that the tragedy made him reassess the use of real guns while making new films through his production company Seven Bucks Productions.


Dwayne Johnson Won't Use Real Guns On Set Anymore

While speaking to reporters at the premiere of his new Netflix film Red Notice, Johnson made his new gun stance very clear for upcoming productions he'll oversee. 

"I can't speak for anyone else, but I can tell you, without an absence of clarity here, that any movie that we have moving forward with Seven Bucks Productions -- any movie, any television show, or anything we do or produce -- we won't use real guns at all," Johnson said. His production company will now switch over to rubber guns and add all necessary firearm effects in post-production.

"We won't worry about what it costs," he added. "It just sucks that it had to happen like this for us... to wake up," said Johnson.

This could be the beginning of a new era in filmmaking and practical gun effects. The investigation into Hutchins' death is still ongoing, but it looks like reform may come before the investigation even concludes.

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