Dwyane Wade isn't impressed with his son Zaire's basketball coach. When Wade appeared on Tuesday's episode of Inside the NBA, which was broadcast on television network TNT, he mentioned the Sierra Canyon High School team that Zaire plays on and their upcoming championship game. However, while doing so, Wade voiced his displeasure for a surprising decision that the coach had made... choosing to bench his son!

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Wade on his son's team's championship game: "I will not be there"

Wade made it clear that since his son is not going to be part of the team out there on the court, he will not be showing up to watch the game. "I will not be there," Wade said in response, recorded in a clip of the program which is currently circulating on social media. "My son ain’t playing, and I don’t want to do nothing to the coach. I won’t be there, but I’ll be rooting for the kids".

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His pointed comment towards his son's coach caused the co-host of Inside the NBA, Candace Parker, to make a bold comment of her own. "Yikes— on national television," Parker can be heard saying at the end of the clip.

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