• Ed Sheeran is a popular British singer
  • He has struggled with an eating disorder
  • THIS is how Sheeran describes it

Here's how Ed himself describes his struggles: "I keep my weight in check now because I do a lot of exercise, but I've just always been a fat bloke," he said on 'Sunday Morning'. Despite his openness about his bulimia, it's important for the singer not to be reduced to it.

Ed continues to fight with this problem

"I think what is important about speaking about it is letting people know that it is not a problem that is just for one gender," Sheeran said. Although he has made great strides, battling his eating disorder remains a daily challenge for him.

Also interesting:

"I watch what I eat and I exercise a lot and I try to not binge as much," he explained. The singer recently gave an interview to 'Rolling Stones' magazine about what triggered his eating disorder...

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