Ed Sheeran wants to do something about the current state of the environment in the United Kingdom! During his interview with BBC Radio London on Monday, the singer-songwriter opened up about how he's personally planning to make a difference.

Sheeran reveals he's bought land to plant trees

Sheeran shared that he's been "trying to buy as much land as possible and plant as many trees as possible," calling it part of his effort to "rewild" the nation. He explained that his actions come from a genuine affection for nature, as well as the place he calls home. "I love my county and I love wildlife and the environment," he said.

The British star, who released his latest album = in October, also touched on the negative environmental impact of touring due to the large carbon footprint that it creates. While Sheeran mentioned how being a performer "is not a hugely sustainable job," he said that he's been "trying my best" in spite of this fact.

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Sheeran also suggested that his upcoming Mathematics Tour, which will see him play several European cities next year, could be his last tour on a big scale! That's because while talking about the challenge of finding "balance" where environmental sustainability is concerned, he noted that he "can't see myself going on one of them like that again."

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