Ed Sheeran is talking about his apparent bestie, Elton John, and said the two talk every day! While the pair is also great friends, they are also set to release a single together this Christmas!

Ed Sheeran and Elton John collab on some music

This past week, Ed Sheeran revealed that he and Elton John are not only super close friends but are also working on a single this Christmas. 

Ed Sheeran Reveals He Talks To Elton John "Every Single Day" 

Following the death of a close friend, Ed Sheeran admits that he opened up to the British icon, and since then said that Elton "calls him every single day."

"And from that day – I spoke to him this morning, yesterday – no word of a lie, every single day he’s rung me. Whether it’s a half-hour chat or two minutes, he always checks up on me," Sheeran said of his pal. 

Watch the video above for more info!