• Ed Sheeran is married to his childhood sweetheart
  • A tumor was discovered in Cherry Seaborn
  • While announcing his new album, Ed talks about the diagnosis

Ed Sheeran (32) announced the release of his new album - (pronounced Subtract) and reveals in a press release that a lot of pain and hope were the inspiration for the album.

Ed had been working on this acoustic album for over ten years when, in 2022, drastic events changed his life. Among them, the diagnosis of a tumor in his pregnant wife Cherry Seaborn, the sudden death of his best friend Jamal, and a lawsuit that threatened his songwriting career.

A tumor was discovered in Ed Sheeran's wife 

Ed Sheeran has not revealed how his wife Cherry is doing at the moment. In the interview, he said that Cherry was pregnant with their second child when a tumor was discovered in her.

It could not be operated on and treated as long as Cherry was pregnant. With his new album, the musician is processing all the setbacks he had to endure in 2022. Subtract is meant to offer an honest glimpse into his soul.

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Ed Sheeran processes his emotions in the new album

Finding solace in music, he wrote hundreds of songs in a week that express his deepest and darkest thoughts. "It's opening the trapdoor into my soul," revealed Ed according to People.

It's the first time he's released an album that doesn't try to cater to the public's taste but is honest and truthful. It's also the final album of his mathematics album era, which began in 2011 with "+" and spanned "x", "÷" and "=".