The dynamic duo's performance has sent waves across social media, marking a significant moment in the international music scene.

Ed Sheeran's Mumbai Meltdown with Punjabi Sensation!

The British heartthrob Ed Sheeran teamed up with the Punjabi music maestro Diljit Dosanjh, and guess what? They brought the house down in Mumbai! It was a night to remember, with over 50,000 fans witnessing history as Sheeran crooned in Punjabi for the very first time. "It was like the stars aligned," gushed one starstruck fan, still reeling from the musical magic.

"Got to bring out @diljitdosanjh tonight in Mumbai and sing in Punjabi for the first time. I’ve had such an incredible time in India, more to come!" posted Sheeran. The pop sensation's love for India was palpable as he strummed his guitar to the rhythm of "Lover," making every heart in the audience skip a beat.

Let's not forget, Diljit Dosanjh isn't just any artist. He's the Punjabi powerhouse who rocked Coachella, making history as the first artist from the region to perform at the iconic festival. And now, he's sharing the stage with none other than Ed Sheeran. Talk about global domination!

The journey to the Mahalaxmi Racecourse was nothing short of an odyssey for the fans. With traffic snarled for hours, some even abandoned their cars to walk the final stretch. But was it worth it? "Absolutely!" exclaimed a fan, who couldn't believe their luck when Diljit appeared on stage.

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"This is just the beginning," promised Sheeran, as he thanked his fans for their incredible effort to join him. And with a vow to return to India, he left the crowd yearning for more.