• "Eddie the Eagle" was a famous ski jumper and cult figure
  • Despite countless defeats, he still became very famous
  • This is what he looks like today

Michael Edwards (59), better known as "Eddie the Eagle", became a real cult figure as a ski jumper. At the end of the 1980s he was a major international sensation in winter sports because he was the first ski jumper to represent Great Britain at the Olympics!

"Eddie the Eagle": No victory, but all the glory

Although he always finished last in competitions, he quickly became a fan favorite, winning the hearts of all who saw him compete, thanks to his personality and indominable spirit. But what does the great "Eddie the Eagle" look like today?

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Luckily for us all, "Eddie" is still doing great these days! And he is still very recognizable thanks to his big smile. Incidentally, he got his nickname because he wore extremely thick glasses at the time, even when jumping...

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