• Kim Kardashian posted photos of her Sports Illustrated shoot
  • She was floating in the Dominican Republic
  • She landed the cover for June

Kim Kardashian is showing off her stunning body! The mom of four and TV personality landed herself the prestigious cover of Sports Illustrated, and shared some of the best shots from the day!

Kim Kardashian one of four women to grace the cover

Kim Kardashian is being recognized for her SKIMS Swimwear line, and the iconic sports publication was thrilled to have the billionaire grace the cover! 

MJ Day, the publication's Editor-in-Chief, said that their reasoning behind choosing Kardashian was in hopes to inspire other women to keep getting back up and fighting! 

"There's so many points in her life where she could have just crawled under a rock and let the world pass her by and just live a comfortable life," Day said to Yahoo! Life. "But she continues to evolve herself and push on and prove everybody wrong who doesn't want to allow her that permission to be more and do more, and inevitably, she's doing more for all of us by doing that in ways. I applaud that with every ounce of my fibre."

On Day's own Instagram page, she posted the cover and shared her thoughts on the somewhat controversial figure. 

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"Kim Kardashian, no stranger to the world’s judgment, continues to live proudly, authentically and unapologetically through the noise," she wrote. "We all deserve the chance to evolve. So in this issue, I encourage you to see these models as we see them: multi-faceted, multitalented—and sexy, while they’re at it. The world may label them one way, but we want to focus our lens on the many, many ways they are who they are and own it."

Kardashian herself shared how she felt about landing the iconic cover. She said that it was "an honour" and "a dream" to land the cover and that it was shot in one of her favourite places - the Dominican Republic!

In the photos, Kardashian shows off her figure underwater wearing a nude bathing suit and elbow-length gloves. For the other photos, Kardashian wore a silver two-piece floating in iridescent water. Congratulations to Kim!