• Elias Pettersson is a Swedish NHL star
  • He's a popular player on the Vancouver Canucks
  • Does Pettersson have a girlfriend or is he single?

Elias Pettersson broke into the NHL with the Vancouver Canucks in 2018. Ever since, he's become a top scorer and developed a strong fanbase in the hockey world.

So what about Elias Pettersson's personal life? Does the Swedish star have a girlfriend? Could he possibly be married? Or is he single? Here's what we know.

Elias Pettersson: Girlfriend, married or single?

Elias Pettersson is open about aspects of his personal life. On social media, he likes to share details about his parents, and Canucks fans are familiar with his best friends — the Armenian-Swedish brothers whose lives greatly affected a young Pettersson.

But Elias has never commented on a special someone in his life. So it is possible that he's one of the NHL's most eligible bachelors. He even supposedly confessed at a 2019 Canucks charity event that he'd never had a girlfriend up to that time.

Does Elias Pettersson have a girlfriend?

Those in the know, however, think Pettersson could be taken. A rumour around gossip sites says that the NHLer has been with a high school sweetheart since his days in Sweden. But take that with a grain of salt.

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For the moment: there is no confirmed relationship for Elias Pettersson. We'll see if the Swedish sniper ever goes public with a partner, like other NHLers such as Leon Draisaitl have.