Elizabeth Chambers is said to have once found out that Armie Hammer was cheating on her with his co-star! A new report from Vanity Fair claims that Chambers "found evidence" of the affair— which happened at an unspecified time— and an incident in 2020 led to her divorcing the actor.

Chambers learned of Hammer's affairs years apart

Chambers and Hammer were together for 13 years before splitting up last July, and it's said that infidelity caused their separation. In the report, three separate occasions are referenced where Chambers learned Hammer had an affair. The first instance of his infidelity occurred not long after the couple's son, Ford, was born, and he supposedly told Chambers that he cheated on her.

While Hammer said it wouldn't happen again, the report goes on to share that Chambers then reportedly "found evidence" of Hammer having an affair with a co-star years later. It's also alleged that in 2020, Chambers received a suggestive text message from Hammer— which she wasn't supposed to get!


Chambers filed for divorce after receiving text

Chambers was said to have been quarantining with her family in the Cayman Islands at the time, while Hammer decided to fly back to America. The report claims that once the actor returned home, he sent a sexually suggestive text message to Chambers— which wasn't meant for her! On Friday, a source told Entertainment Tonight that these allegations were in fact accurate.

"It's true that Elizabeth found evidence that Armie was having an affair with one of his co-stars and that Armie sent Elizabeth a raunchy text message meant for someone else," the source said. Reportedly, it was Hammer's "indiscretions and choice to quarantine away from Elizabeth and their children" that ultimately led to their divorce.

The insider also said Chambers was initially "blindsided" by the shocking allegations against Hammer that recently came to light, but is now "keeping her head up, protecting her kids, focusing on her family and making sure that they are all OK."