• Emily in Paris will soon start its third season
  • Another actress could join the cast
  • Rumor says it could be a star from Sex and the City

Rumor has it that a Sex and the City actress could join the cast. Kim Cattrall recently attended the Season 3 premiere in Paris. She posed on the red carpet alongside Darren Star, creator of Emily in Paris and Sex and the City, causing quite a stir. Fans are busy speculating whether Kim Cattrall will be in the third season.

Is Kim coming on board?

After all, she wasn't involved in the 2022 reboot of Sex and the City. Also, the actress lives in London: the place where "Emily's" affair "Alfie" returns at the end of the second season. So, what's really going to happen with the show? Is Kim coming on board to add to the cast?

Also interesting:

Well you don't have to wait long to find out. Creator Darren Star reveals if Kim is part of the series to 'Variety'  and the news may thrill or upset you...

Watch the video above to learn more!