• Bruce Willis turns 69 today
  • His wife Emma celebrates on Instagram
  • Emma shares picture of Bruce holding a baby

The legendary tough guy of Tinseltown, Bruce Willis, has just hit the big 6-9, and the celebrations are as heartwarming as they are star-studded! His beautiful wife, Emma Heming Willis, took to social media to share an adorable snapshot of Bruce cradling a baby, alongside a caption that's got fans everywhere reaching for the tissues.

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"Just like you, we simply adore him," Emma gushes about her hubby of nearly 15 years. "Being wrapped in his arms is the safest place in this whole wide world," she adds, painting a picture of the action star as the ultimate family man. Talk about a true gentle-man with a capital G!

Family ties that bind

Bruce and Emma, lovebirds since 2007, share two daughters, Evelyn (9) and Mabel (11). And let's not forget the Willis clan extends further with his three adult daughters from his previous marriage to Demi Moore (61, Actress). The whole family, including Demi, came together for a chorus of "Happy Birthday" last year, proving that this blended family's bond is as unbreakable as the man himself!

Emma, ever the doting spouse, keeps the love alive with throwback posts that have us all believing in true romance. From sweet photo booth snaps to a Valentine's Day throwback at Niagara Falls, she's got the receipts to show that love is not just an action sequence in the Willis household!

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