Emma Thompson is revealing what it was like to film her first nude scene as a 62-year-old woman! As Entertainment Tonight shares, Thompson spoke candidly about the topic during a virtual roundtable for her new movie Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, which recently premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Thompson calls going nude at her age "challenging"

Thompson may have taken on many memorable roles over the years, but shooting a scene completely naked after disrobing was admittedly a new experience for the actress. "I don't think I could've done it before the age that I am," she admitted. saying it was "extremely challenging" to do because of how people's natural bodies are rarely shown.

She added that her co-star Daryl McCormack and director Sophie Hyde were incredibly supportive during rehearsals for the film, allowing themselves to be vulnerable with her. Thompson shared that the three of them "rehearsed entirely nude and talked about our bodies, talked about our relationship with our bodies," commenting on how they discussed both positive and negative aspects of them.


Thompson also commented on society's stereotypical idea of beauty. "This thing of having to be thin is still the same as it ever was," she said, "and actually in some ways I think it's worse now." Thompson's new dramatic comedy sees her play "Nancy Stokes," a teacher who seeks the thrill of pleasure from a male escort. Hopefully after seeing the actress put herself out there by taking on this role, people will be encouraged to re-evaluate their preconceptions of sexuality and body image!