Actress Charley Webb (31), who plays "Debbie Dingle" on the popular soap, shared a picture on her Instagram account in which she is holding her beautiful son Ace, who was born in July. He is the latest addition to the now family of five that consists of Charley, her husband Matthew Wolfenden (39) (also an Emmerdale actor) and her sons Buster (8) and Bowie, who is three years old. 

Emmerdale's Charley Webb: "Debbie Dingle" is on maternity leave

For the time being, Webb's Emmerdale character "Debbie Dingle" has been written out of the show. "Debbie" is starting a new life in Scotland to start a garage that was left to her by "Lisa Dingle". But even with a new baby at home, the Emmerdale family is never far away. Webb keeps in touch with her co-stars, and regularly meets up with her on-screen mother "Charity Dingle" (Emma Atkins, 44) as well as Katie Hill, who plays her daughter "Sarah" on Emmerdale.