• Eva Mendes flaunts tattoo tribute to Ryan Gosling
  • As Gosling competes for Oscar gold
  • Mendes share new pic on Insta

The Tinseltown buzz is all about Eva Mendes, the stunning actress and fashion icon, as she throws her full support behind her beau, Ryan Gosling, in the race for an Oscar statuette! With the 96th Academy Awards just around the corner, the competition is fierce, but Eva's got no doubts about who her winner is.

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Eva, who recently celebrated her milestone 50th birthday, took to Instagram with a snap that's got everyone talking. She's seen flaunting a pair of plush Larroude maroon velvet shoes, but it's her wrist that's stealing the show. The "de Gosling" tattoo is a not-so-subtle nod to her Canadian-American heartthrob, Ryan Gosling, 43, and fans are swooning!


Secret nuptials? The tattoo tells all!

The ink might just be the confirmation we've all been waiting for – have Eva and Ryan secretly said "I do"? In Hispanic culture, "de" signifies a marital bond, and it looks like Eva's proudly declaring herself Mrs. Gosling. While the couple has kept mum on the marriage front, their playful use of "husband" and "wife" has us all guessing.

Ryan's not just making waves as Ken – he's a family man at heart. At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, he gushed over Eva, calling her his "wife" and sharing how their daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, inspire him. Despite the girls not seeing Daddy's turn as Ken, they're no strangers to the Barbie world, having visited the set and influenced his performance.

The Gosling-mendes clan: A Barbie family affair

Ryan's portrayal of Ken is more than just a role – it's a family affair. With his daughters' love for Barbie, taking on the movie was a way to connect and create with them. And while the girls might not be Ken fans, Ryan's role has certainly captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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