• Shakira makes the headlines
  • She poses with a new man by her side
  • Is she dating 'Emily in Paris' star Lucien Laviscount?

Things are heating up with Shakira. Is HE after her separation from Gerard Piqué the new man at her side.

Shakira with Lucien Laviscount

Shakira posts a series of pictures from a shoot with "Emily in Paris" star Lucien Laviscount on Instagram. The Brit plays the role of "Alfie" in the hit series.

Also interesting:

The photos show the two in sensual and intimate poses. The muscular beau has his arms wrapped around the singer while she rests her hand on his thigh.

The further you click through, the hotter the poses become. There's even a kiss in the second picture. Shakira puts her cheek to the actor while he gives her a kiss, his hand on her chin. 

Watch the video to learn more!