Taylor Swift may have spilled the secret of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's third daughter's name! The couple gave birth to their little girl last year, but have yet to announce the name.

The couple has been pretty secretive surrounding their children, and have kept their three girls out of the spotlight. Their eldest, James, has been featured on Swift's song "Gorgeous," so it wouldn't be the first time Swift has featured the family!

Swift fans think she revealed the family secret!

Taylor Swift surprised her fans everywhere with a new album that was released for streaming at midnight this past Thursday. In her previous album, Swift used her couple pals Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's eldest daughter James for her song "Gorgeous."

In her latest album, Folklore, Swift has a song named "Betty," about someone mistreating a girl named Betty. It also mentions two other names, Inez and James, which subsequently happens to be the names of Reynolds and Lively's two eldest daughters.

During a live chat following her video for the song "Cardigan," Swift also reveals she did put little hints throughout her album. 

"One thing I did purposely on this album was put the Easter eggs in the lyrics, more than just the videos. I created character arcs and recurring themes that map out who is singing about who," she said.

"For example," she added, "There's a collection of three songs I refer to as the Teenage Love Triangle. These three songs explore a love triangle from all three people’s perspectives at different times in their lives."

The theory is that the song "Betty" is told from James' perspective, "Cardigan" is told through Betty's point of view, and "August" is told from Inez's perspective. 

This hasn't been confirmed by Swift, who oftentimes lets fans figure out her little hints for themselves.

Reynolds and Lively have not commented on whether or not their youngest is Betty.

Watch the video for her new single "Cardigan" below!