• Selena Gomez has undergone a personal change
  • She used to be a cute Disney child star
  • Today the beauty has built a whole different career

Gone are the days of childlike innocence and wonder for Selena Gomez. Her stint as a child star for Disney seems like a whole lifetime ago, and yet, its traces are still present for Selena. The image of her Disney past hung onto Selena even years after she left. But now she feels like she's overcome it.

Selena Gomez is all grown up now!

Selena explained her new found sense of self in an interview with Vanity Fair. For many it was a very intimate look into one of their favorite stars. And Selena herself was ready to expound upon her feelings as of late.

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"I definitely feel free of it. Sometimes I get triggered. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my past, it’s just that I’ve worked so hard to find my own path. I don’t want to be who I was. I want to be who I am", said Selena...

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