Born in Oakland, Angus Cloud attended the Oakland School for the Arts in the School of Production Design, with a focus on technical theater (lights, sounds) prior to gaining his role on the HBO show Euphoria as "Fez". He had initially planned to move to Ireland, where many of his family members live. However, that all changed as he walked in downtown New York City one day...

"Fez" From Euphoria: Meet Angus Cloud

Before his fame as "Rue"'s drug dealer on Euphoria as "Fez", Angus Cloud had moved from Oakland to NYC two years prior to receiving his role. He spontaneously moved from West Coast to East Coast to visit some friends and worked at a chicken-and-waffle restaurant. 

As he was walking down a street in Manhattan one day, a casting representative approached him and asked him to audition for an upcoming new TV series. He told GQ in 2019, "I was confused and I didn’t want to give her my phone number. I thought it was a scam."

However, it was very real. Cloud was contacted by director Sam Levinson that the series had just been picked up. He swiftly moved to Los Angeles where filming would take place. 

Since then, Euphoria has been a massive success, where Zendaya ("Rue") just received her first Emmy Award for her performance. When asked if acting is more work than the service industry, he told GQ:

"It’s a different kind of hard. I am not running around sweating, but it’s that mental shit. You have to stay focused. You have to be on point. You can’t call in sick. Acting takes a lot out of you. I’d be drained, but I was just sitting there acting."

What's next for Euphoria's "Fez"? Well, for starters, season 2 is set for production and underway! Angus Cloud will also be appearing in the upcoming film, North Hollywood, opposite Miranda Cosgrove and Blake Anderson. We know there are big things for his unexpected, new career! 

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