• Actor Jacob Elordi is best know from 'Euphoria'
  • He is accused of assaulting a reporter violently
  • THESE are the details of the incident

The sizzling streets of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs just witnessed some off-screen drama that's got everyone talking! Jacob Elordi, the hunky actor from the hit series 'Euphoria,' is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. It's not his acting chops causing a stir this time, but an alleged scuffle with breakfast radio show producer Joshua Fox.

Jacob just snapped!

Picture this: the Clovelly Hotel, a Sydney hotspot, became the unlikely stage for a showdown when Fox, camera in hand, approached Elordi. The actor, known for his privacy, wasn't having any of it. "Turn it off and delete it!" he's said to have demanded. But Fox stood his ground, and that's when things reportedly got heated!

The alleged interaction between Fox and Elordi took place on Saturday, and unfolded, the hosts said, because the station had planned a prank to ask Elordi whether they could have some of his bathwater for Jackie O to enjoy. In 'Saltburn,' after Elordi’s character takes a bath and drains it, Barry Keoghan’s character greedily drinks the remaining dregs.

"So you hit your camera, and you approached the guy, and I’ve got the audio of that approach," host Kyle prompted Fox. "And then he asked you to stop filming." In the audio clip, a male voice can be heard saying, "Excuse me, Jacob? I just wanted to say hey, I’m from the Kyle & Jackie O show."

"Oh, well done," a voice, apparently Elordi’s, responds. "Cool."

"Really random, but could I give you this? Jackie wants a birthday present," the first voice says. "Jacob Elordi’s bathwater," Elordi says, sounding as though he’s reading a label. "What am I supposed to do with this? Put bathwater in it?"

"You could send it to the studio," the first voice says. "Are you kidding? Are you filming? Can you not, man, please?" Elordi says.

The audio clip ends shortly after Fox attempts to give Elordi something, and Elordi refuses. New South Wales police are on the case, confirming to Deadline that "a 32-year-old man was allegedly assaulted by a 26-year-old man." But breathe easy, folks – no injuries were reported.

The other side of it

That’s apparently when things took an aggressive turn. "Then he then kind of gets up in my face," Fox explained. "So close, you know, someone standing over you, and he’s a lot taller than me. I could have kissed him, he was that close. So I’m backed against this wall, he’s right in my face and his two boys are on either side of me. I’m feeling quite intimidated, and then Jacob demands I delete the footage. It’s like a switch went off, and he’s becoming quite aggressive."

"I say yeah, I’ve deleted it, and he goes, go into your Recently Deleted. I’m thinking, if I delete this footage, there’s no evidence that this encounter happened, and the way they’re already surrounding me, I’m thinking something’s going to happen. So I refuse, and then Jacob kind of just flips his hands and pushes me against the wall, and his hands are on my throat. One of his boys pull him off of me, and I walk quickly back towards the venue."

Also interesting:

Elordi, the Brisbane-born sensation, has been riding high on his recent roles in Sofia Coppola's 'Priscilla' and the buzzworthy 'Saltburn.' With a BAFTA nod under his belt and a starring role in Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming 'Frankenstein' adaptation, you'd think he'd be all smiles.

Not to mention his part in Paul Schrader's 'Oh, Canada,' where life imitates art as Elordi dives into the world of a man with a complicated past. So, what's the real story behind this celebrity clash? Stay tuned as the investigation unfolds. One thing's for sure – Sydney's nightlife just got a dose of Hollywood tension!